Guardians of Moldovan Nature: Enforcing the rights of the communities on both banks of the Dniester

The project is a joint initiative implemented by Arnica (Prague, Czech Republic) and ES BIOTICA (Republic of Moldova) in the period February 2022-December 2023. The project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within the framework of the Transition Promotion Program..

Main project goal is strengthening the right to a healthy environment for communities on both banks of the Dniester in the Republic of Moldova.

The project has next components:

1. Creation of a citizensʼ nature guard
We will create a network of citizen nature guardians from volunteers from rural communities around the natural areas of Tipova, Iagorlic, and Talmaza-Cioburciu, creating an alternative to the missing state structure. We will organise workshops and training and help the guardians to obtain state registration. We will publish a manual for the guardians, summarising all the competences in a clear structure.

2. Improving the management of valuable natural areas
We will help three municipalities to implement landscape improvement measures. We will then organise field trips for mayors and activists to visit them. We will plant green belts along the rivers with volunteers. We will help local communities organise events as part of international days to connect them to the global movement. This will be an opportunity to collaborate, inspire each other, and communicate common views (events will take place on the same day in several locations). Linking to international events will help to strengthen the civil movement for river protection, reach a wider public, and gain more media attention. We will implement specific measures to improve the condition of rivers and landscapes or to protect the natural environment. Field trips to villages where local activities, tree planting, and small projects will be carried out will be an opportunity to exchange experiences, discuss practical measures, and establish new cooperation. The excursions will bring together participants from both banks of the Dniester; photo and video material will be produced for further use. Journalists will also be invited.

3. Strengthening the rights of local communities to a healthy environment
We will improve together with local interested persons the local Strategies by improving parts related to Environment protection and related areas. We will organise round tables for dialogue between local government and civic initiatives. To support the campaign and increase interest in the activities, we will publish information materials in the form of a leaflet or infolist. Topics: responsible behaviour in natural environment, protection of rivers and aquatic environments, how to plant trees in the Moldovan landscape. We will disseminate the materials at organised events and through partner civic initiatives.


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