Scurt istoric

BIOTICA Ecological Society has been registered as a national NGO on April 2, 1993. Since then, more than 45 projects were successfully implemented mainly with the support of foreign and international funds.

As Moldovan legislation clearly distinguishes those NGOs that are working in public benefit areas without any involvement in electoral campaigns, BIOTICA has officially received such public benefit status, therefore possessing a State Public Benefit Organization Certificate. There are 30 members in BIOTICA (11 are PhDs and 2 is ScD).

BIOTICA has three main areas of activity:

  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Development of «third sector»
  • Environmental Law and Policy

Besides, BIOTICA realizes adjacent projects that belong to the separate group.

Among the most important projects there are the development of management plans for Ramsar Sites in Moldova, the work towards development of National Ecological Network of Moldova, developement of tourist routes in Ramsar Sites, the assessment of the actual state of the habitats along the Dniester; publication of three books related to the biodiversity conservation of this river; organization of two international conferences with the participation of scientists, NGOs, members of the Parliament of Moldova and Ukraine; determination of the importance of the territories adjacent to the Dniester for the biodiversity conservation; elaboration of the plan on the creation of the first National Park «Lower Dniester», as well as implementation of concrete activities for its establishment.«BIOTICA» published several collections on environmental legislation, it elaborated the Concept on the creation of the Ecological Network of the Republic of Moldova, a drat of law «On Access to Environmental Information» and draft of the Convention on the Use of Water and Biological Resources and Conservation of Biodiversity of the Dniester River.

BIOTICA activities’ results are well known not only in Moldova but also abroad. This fact encourages its active regional and international cooperation.

More detailed information about the activities of BIOTICA you can find on our site or you can contact us directly.