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This project was a part of the “Support to Confidence Building Measures” project financed by European Union and implemented by UNDP and was implemented during 2009-2011.

Overall objective: contribute to improvement of the confidence between stakeholders of the both river banks in the Lower Dniester area of the international importance via capacity building, common conservational planning and practical strengthening of the partnership for healthy environment in cross-boundary region.

Project results include making the Management Plan for the entire Lower Dniester Ramsar Site, as well as two-banks tourist products, and finalizing an important stage of biodiversity conservation planning in Transdniesteria – for relevant sector of the Pan-European Ecological Network.

The projects tasks:
1. Support for the harmonization of environmental legislation and planning in Moldova and Transdniestria: capacity building of Transdniestrian specialists and public in biodiversity and ecological sustainability issues of the EU, Pan-European and Global contexts.
2. The Lower Dniester Ramsar Site Management plan progressing, with special emphasize on Transdniestrian part and contribution to the global biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of local resources.
3. Building the cooperation of the both Dniester River banks based on development of tourist products in the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site and involving the local stakeholders (NGOs, local authorities and business).
4. Providing the local stakeholders with tourism economical assessment and building cooperation with Ukraine.
5. Practicing the new knowledge of Transdniestrian partners in planning of Transdniestrian sector of the Pan-European Ecological network.

Activities done in the frame of the project

Based on the activities done by qualified experts in various relevant fields during the project the Management Plan for Lower Dniester Ramsar Site (draft) was elaborated. Its version in Romanian and Russian can be found here >>>>.


CaseniOn 2 October 2010, BIOTICA ES organized the final demonstrating tourist route in the region of Lower Dniester, which included various tourist objects from both banks of the Dniester. The goal of this activity was to test the functionality of the tourist product elaborated within the project. At the same time, by demonstrating the tourist route, BIOTICA promoted the tourist potential from this zone on the basis of a complex tourist offer that includes natural, historical, cultural values, initiating cooperation in the field of tourism and environment protection among local public authorities, economic entities, NGOs etc from the both banks of Dniester.

At this event took part about 50 representatives of central and local public administration, tourism agencies, NGOs, scientists from both banks of Dniester, as well as representatives of the Nijnednestrovck National Park from Ukraine.

TalmazaThe participants visited the fortress from Bender, medieval church from Causeni, wine factories from Talmaza and Gradinita, pheasant farm from Talmaza, and some of those more than 50 points for nature observation identified in the frame of the project. During the excursion was presented information related to antic history, values of landscape and biodiversity of the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site in order to diversify the existent tourist product especially in relation to the regions were tourist objects are situated.

Such a demonstration of tourism potential existent on both banks of Dniester in Ramsar Site that include in an interesting form the ecologic component was organized for the first time in Moldova by BIOTICA ES.

The participants to the event were satisfied to visit beautiful places unknown for them, and the information presented during the excursion made it more interesting and pleasant.  

First Tourist informational tour
Historical MemorialThe informational tour was organized for tourist operators, representatives of state institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders on 30 of March. At the study tour participated 39 participants, representatives of Tourist operators, representatives of state institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders. The goal of the tour was to establish partnership between tourist organizations and operators from both banks of the Dniester River. For the first time in the region was proposed a complex program that includes elements of commercial, historic, ecological and rural tourism.
The first visited place was the Historical Memorial that was built on the territory of abandoned cemetery where more than 500 Russian soldiers and officers were buried. Also some Romanian soldiers and officers were buried here that were here in 1941-1945. Then participants of informational tour visited the historical complex “Bender fortress” where saw the process of restoration of towers and the territory of the fortress, also they visited the museum where the guests found out many interesting information about Bender fortress. The participants of the tour visited the place where Dniester is dividing into two branches: Dniester and Turunciuc. Then the excursion continued in the Museum of wine of Grigorii Corzun situated in Ternovca Musem of winesvillage not far from Tiraspol, where participants could see a wide collection of wine from more than 100 countries. The excursion ended within Bulgarian farmstead, where the guests tasted traditional Bulgarian dishes and got informed about culture and life of Bulgarian living outside their home country.
As the result of this event, already tourist routes from the right bank of the Dniester to the left are organized for all interested persons and these destinations were discovered again for the tourists from Moldova and not only.
During the project implementation many meeting with representatives of local and central authorities  from the both banks of the Dniester were organized in order to inform them about the project activities and to get support for them.


Training on ecological legislation
Training on international ecological legislation, national legislation and programmatic decisions, on biodiversity evaluation and ecological network planning was done during the seminar held in Chisinau, 29 November 2009. The training had the purpose to increase the qualification of the specialists from both banks of the Dniester River in the field of biodiversity and ecological sustainability, in global, Pan-European and the EU context. The seminar gathered 28 persons, representatives of scientific world and NGOs from the both banks, as well as other stakeholders from the Ramsar Site “Lower Dniester”. Besides, the IUCN program officer and Ukrainian specialists from Chernivetska oblasti and Kiev took a part in the seminar.
trainingThe next topics were discussed during the workshop:
-  International legislative basis for conservation and rational use of biodiversity, Ramsar Convention and Thematical programmes of CBD;
- PEBLDS and Pan-European Ecological Network, Biodiversity Resolution (2003) and Biodiversity Declaration (2007) of Environment for Europe process;
- Conception UE-15 on HNV farms and legislative basis for implementation and first steps of conception development for the countries of EECCA region;
- Legislative basis in Moldova, especially Biodiversity Action plan, amendments to the Law on natural areas protected by state regarding the Ramsar Sites, Law on ecological network;
- Protected areas in the context of the development of ecological network in Transdniestria, botanical values in Transdniestria, zoological values in Transdniestria,
- Values of biodiversity of Moldova and ecological network, Methodology of biodiversity estimation within core areas of the Eco-Net, Principles of zoning of protected areas and management plans;
- European progress in development of the Pan-European Ecological Network (contribution of international expert).
CDs with selected relevant materials including on relevant international legislation on PEBLDS, Convention on Biological Diversity, process Environment for Europe, IUCN developments, other relevant conventions. national legislation and issues on HNVF were prepared and distributed during the seminar.

Coordination Regional Seminar
The seminar on building the interaction among the project participants and creation of Tourism Coordinating Group aiming at further successful activities was held on 28 November 2009 In Chisinau. One of the main purposes of this seminar was to make closer the positions of the participants in the understanding of tourism industry possibilities and importance of cooperation for a successful development of tourism activities regardless of ethnic, religious and political belonging.
The seminar was organized in Tourist Hotel (Renasterii str. 13) in Chisinau and gather 29 persons: tourism representatives from Transdniestria and Moldova, NGOs, representatives of the Nizhnednestrovski national Park (Odessa oblasti) and invitees from UNDP and Office of EU Special Representative for Moldova as well as other stakeholders interested in tourism development.
The following topics were discussed:
Tourism seminar- Possibilities of tourism industry for solving the social-economical and ecological problems of the project region basing on experience of the countries with developed tourism sector and taking into account real possibilities of the project territory.
- Economy of tourism industry, creation of necessary conditions for investments and working places, as well as for getting an income. Short- and long-term business plans.
- Recreational programs in tourism industry (eco-, agro-tourism, zones of mass recreational activities, recreational industry, etc.).
The Coordinating Committee was elected during the seminar covering the both sides of Dniester, with the goal to coordinate the further activities of the project and to share responsibilities among the committee and seminar participant.
Participants have got informative materials on tourism, tourist routes developments and tourist objects selection and became ready to get involved successfully in the further project activities.

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