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Agro-environment measues for conservation in the Wider Europe

IUCN Regional Office for Europe in cooperation with BIOTICA Ecological Society and National Ecological Centre of the Ukraine implemented during 2009-2010 the project “Agri-environment measures for conservation in the wider Europe” with the generous support of the Norway Government.
The goal of this project is to contribute to a sustainable agriculture in Ukraine and Moldova, for the benefit of rural populations, and for landscape and biological diversity.

The objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To inform and transfer knowledge about the methods of diversifying agricultural production and income;
  • To inform about innovative agricultural production methods, including Agri-Environmental Programmes and organic farming;
  • To transfer experiences from different EU Member States to the representatives of rural communities in selected countries;
  • To present production methods for “less favoured areas” and areas with high natural value and develop corresponding training programmes.

Among the results of the project can be noticed:

  • Farmers and their families will have improved opportunities for diversification of agricultural production and other sources of income,
  • Different stakeholder groups (farmers, advisors, nature protection services and local administration) will have improved cooperation,
  • Farming practices which are beneficial in maintaining landscapes and biodiversity can be developed and maintained,
  • Abandonment of valuable agricultural and semi-natural habitats can be reduced,
  • The broader dissemination of the results through media and stakeholders will inform entire communities,
  • Better training materials for farmers as a source of information for future planning will be available to the stakeholder organisations for their further use.

Agri-environment measures for conservation in the wider Europe activities done during the project implementation

SorocaStefan VOdaIn the frame of the Agri-environment measures for conservation in the wider Europe project implemented by IUCN  in cooperation with BIOTICA Ecological Society and NECU (Ukraine), were organized a series of trainings for farmers, NGOs and representatives of local public authorities. In Moldova the trainings took place in Stefan Voda (16-17 August 2010) and Soroca (19-20 august) and gathered about 25 participants each. During the trainings was presented information related to Agriculture Policy in European Union and Moldova and agri-environmental schemes, eexperiences from implementation of agri-environmental programmes in the EU, issues of the Agri-environmental Programme in Moldova, such as usual good farming practices - reference level for agri-environment, soil quality maintenance and crop rotation, pest management for sensitive crops. Also information on High Nature Value farmland in Moldova was given. Participants discussed on rural tourism in Moldova, its trends and principles and potentials for rural tourism development in the Lower Dniester and Unguri-Holosnita Ramsar sites. Participants received information about the experiences of creation of alternative tourism offer in Ichnyansky National Park, Ukraine and development of sustainable tourism offer – experiences from Narwianski National Park, Ramsar site, Poland. At the end training participants tried to work on creating a vision for development of alternative sources of income in the Lower Dniester region. The participants of both trainings were satisfied with the information obtained and manifested their wish to participate in the agro-environmental activities in their regions.

PolandPolandIUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) in cooperation with BIOTICA Ecological Society and NECU (National Ecological Centre of Ukraine) with support of Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a study tour in Poland for farmers, NGOs and local authorities representatives from Moldova and Ukraine. The project, financed by, focuses on high‐nature‐value areas of Ukraine and Moldova, and assists local communities, farmers and their associations, in diversifying production methods and identifying alternative markets.

The tour was organised in Poland between 11th and 17th of July 2010. Selected participants visited south‐eastern (Podkarpacie region) and north eastern (Podlasie region) parts of the country, which are characterised with high nature values and high share of agriculture. The participants observed the implementation of alternative methods of production and other income sources as for example agri‐tourism, organic agriculture as well as will be introduced to EU policies, such as agri‐environmental programmes. The participants during their stay in Poland visited many organic farms, tourist farms and national parks. They had the opportunity to get to know their Polish colleagues experience and to apply this knowledge during their activity in Moldova.

Based on the results of the projects were published  Agri-environment measures: achievements and problems, rules and advices (In Romanian and Russian) and Agri-environment measures for conservation in wider Europe(In Romanian, Russian and English).

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