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Project "Ensuring decision transparency of local authorities in the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site "

Project "Assuring a transparent decision making process for Lower Dniester National Park creation" implemented by BIOTICA Ecological Society funded by the USA Embassy in Moldova

BIOTICA Ecological Society is implementing the project in the period July 2019-July 2020.

The project goal is to increase the level of trust and involvement of the local population from Lower Dniester Ramsar Site and understanding of their role in the establishment of the Lower Dniester National Park.
Objective 1. Eensure the implementation step by step in 13 villages of Lower Dniester Ramsar Site, of the regulations on transparent decision making process and the public consultation procedures
Objective 2. Form a positive attitude and a better knowledge around the potential benefits from establishment of the National Park in Ramsar Site of Lower Dniester, for local stakeholders of 13 villages.

In the frame of the project at first we interviewed some local community key members, opinion leaders and public authorities from 13 villages included in the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site, on the subject of preservation of the natural value of the area. As a result, we identified big issues in the way the locals get information and they are spreading it around themselves. In total we interviewed deeply 41 people from all 13 villages, additionally had some short information meetings with other persons during our visits in the region.

In all 13 villages were created local working groups for the process of public consultation regarding the establishment of the Lower Dniester National Park. Together with the new formed local administration, we worked on formation of the working groups in each village, with the help of the most competent and interested people in the area, in order to contribute to the conservation of the ecological and cultural treasure, by creating the National Park. Based on the findings of the interviews and other information gathered before by ES BIOTICA we could raise specific issues and to explain more details durng the meetings of the local working groups about the process of the national park creation and its benefits to the environment and local population. It is easier to spread correct information among local population if some influencer and leaders are informed. In period December- 2019 - February 2020 in all villages took places meetings of the working groups. A lot of questions were asked during the meetings about the National Park and what does it mean for the local population. Project experts answered to all questions and explained the benefits of the creation of the National Park.

Also in the frame of the project some information meetings with local population were organised. In Copanca, Talmaza, Popeasca they took place in 2019. In Palanca, Tudora, Crocmaz and Carnateni villages they took place in February 2020. At the meeting local people found out more detailed information about the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site, its importance and benefits of the creation of a national park here. People raised some important issues about the property on their lands and what restrictions will be put when the national park will be created.




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