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Concept of National Ecological Network of the Republic of Moldova

Table of content:

Acknowledgements & Authors


List of abbreviations


1. Ecological Network of Moldova

1.1. Components of Eco-Network

1.2. Geographical Aspects of NENM

1.3. Levels of Components of the Eco-Network

1.4. Eco-Network as Informational System

2. System of Criteria for Estimate of Value of Components of Ecological Network

2.1. Criteria for Attribution of Particular Status to Core Areas with Natural and Semi-Natural Ecosystem Cover

2.2. Criteria for Ranking Areas of the Eco-Network which are Not Core Areas

2.3. Principles for Designating Areas Intended for Ecological Restoration and for Establishing Biological Corridors in Conditions of Excessive Economic Land Use

2.4. Use of Lands for Establishing Biological Corridors and Restoration, which Not Meet Criteria of Areas Intended for Ecological Restoration

3. Operational Checklists

3.1. Operational Checklist of Vascular Plants

3.2. Operational Checklist List of Endemic Vegetation Associations

3.3. Operational List of Insects

3.4. Operational List of Terrestrial Vertebrates

4. Objects of Eco-Network

5. Main Actions Concerning National Eco-Network of Moldova

6. Estimation of Potential and Some Recommendations for Establishing National Ecological Network of Moldova

6.1. Main Conditions for Establishing NENM

6.1.1. Elaborating the Concept of Eco-Network in Moldova

6.1.2. Ecological and Socio-Economical Conditions of Forming Eco-Network

6.1.3. Analysis of Legal Framework for Establishing National Eco-Network

6.2. Comment on Results of Area Estimations, Based on Main Components of Ecological Network of Moldova (by Biological Indicators)

6.2.1. Estimation of Core Areas

6.2.2. Designated Components of Eco-Network in the Structure of the Country’s Area

6.3. Recommendations

6.3.1. Concerning the Development of a System of Management for Natural Protected Areas

6.3.2. Priorities of scientific estimation of core areas

6.3.3. Law on Modification and Completion of some Legislative Acts (Draft)



Map of the Ecological Network



The translation this paper was performed by Vitali Climenco with financial support of the Regional Environmental Center of Moldova (REC-Moldova) , proofreading by Struan Simpson.

The project has been supported financially by the National Environmental Fund of the Republic of Moldova


Scientific leader of the project - Dr. Alexei Andreev

Manager - Piotr Gorbunenko

Leaders of the expert groups - Dr. Olga Cazanteva, Dr. Andrei Munteanu, acad Andrei Negru

Consultant - Dr. Ilia Trombitki

Coordinator of Ministry of Ecology, Construction and Territory Development - Mihai Coca

Experts - Dr. Gennadiy Sirodoev, Dr. Galina Sabanova, Dr. Valeriu Derjanschi, Stela Drucioc, Serghei Jurmininschi, Dr. Tatiana Izverschaia, Dr. Ion Chiriac, Dr. Aurel Lozan, Sergiu Magdil, Maria Mucilo, Dr. Zaharia Neculeseanu.

Authors of maps - Dr. Olga Cazanteva, Maria Mucilo, Dr. Gennadiy Sirodoev, Dr. Alexei Andreev, Piotr Gorbunenko


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